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LG Electronics, 3M join forces for a healthier and cleaner air!

LG Electronics and 3M
3M’s innovative air filtering technology has been incorporated in LG’s most efficient air conditioners

LG Electronics recently teamed up with 3M, an innovator in filtration technology, to produce a highly efficient, cutting edge filter for air conditioners. With the implementation of this effective new filter, LG’s latest residential air conditioning products offer exceptional cooling and performance while helping purify the air.

“LG has developed and released a range of air purifying technologies over the years, helping to combat a number of dangerous airborne bacteria and even viruses such as H1N1. Yet, it has proved a very difficult and time-consuming process to successfully apply the most sophisticated clean-air technologies to a residential air conditioning unit,” said Hyung-ho Park, Principal Research Engineer at the LG Air Conditioning and Energy Solution Company. “In the past, we found that incorporating  air filter caused air cooling performance to suffer. For that reason, LG has spent a considerable amount of time and energy since, developing new technologies – ones that won’t negatively impact cooling performance.”

To overcome this obstacle, LG partnered with 3M. 3M has a strong presence in the world’s automotive air filter market and offers advanced air filtration technologies. These technologies protect the consumer from unhealthy dust particles; they capture allergens and microscopic particles that can carry bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odors.

In August of 2009, LG and 3M agreed to develop a new, highly efficient air filter for use in LG air conditioners. The new filtration system would be able to ensure a higher level of clean air without detracting from the powerful cooling capabilities of LG’s industry leading AC products.

Experts at both LG and 3M commenced joint collaboration in earnest.

Source: LG Philippines

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