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November 26, 2015

Make your Christmas Shopping More Rewarding with Citi’s “Your BMW, on us!” Raffle Promotion

Your BMW, on us!

Holiday shopping is more fun when you have a great shopping buddy. This holiday season, have fun making purchases with your Citi card a great shopping companion that not only gives you a host of conveniences and rewards, but also the opportunity to drive home a BMW sedan!

KINGMAX Sycret Cloud Card Internet Poll Worldwide for Smartphone Information Security Star

With the popularization of 4G mobile network and the future of 21st century’s cloud technology, browsing the internet via mobile devices has become a common trend in modern life. However, while you’re busy sharing your photos via mobile phones, you’re also opening the doorway for hackers to hack into your apps and social network websites to retrieve your passwords.

One PHABulous device is all you need

Lenovo PHAB Plus
The Lenovo PHAB Plus gives millennials an unparalleled phone + tablet mash up

It’s a hyper-connected world and millennials who want to keep pace with all that’s going on would feel emotionally “empty” without their gadgets even for a few hours. They have a crazy love affair with their cameras, smartphones, laptops and tablets. But what happens when all these devices sound off a notification—a new message, incoming call, e-mail sent, game download complete—all at the same time? Even the most adept multitasker would find switching from one gadget to another a hassle. And for mobility purposes, bringing along too many electronics can cramp anyone’s style.

ADATA Releases the Lightning Card Reader

ADATA Lightning Card Reader
First with Two-Way Data Transfer plus SD and microSD card slots

ADATA today launched the Lightning Card Reader for Apple iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Fully MFi certified, the accessory connects to Apple devices using the Lightning interface and brings users convenient interconnectivity and storage expansion with SD and microSD cards. It is the first peripheral in its segment with two-way data transfer, meaning read and write, and the first to combine SD and microSD on one reader. The Lightning Card Reader uses durable materials and a flexible cable to ensure long-lasting and reliable operation, and arrives bundled with a free data management app.

November 25, 2015

Starmobile Jump HD: Big battery HD smartphone for only Php3,990!

Starmobile Jump HD

Philippine smart devices brand Starmobile announced today the big battery JUMP HD—the ideal companion for on-the-go movie and video aficionados.