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realme Smartphones Philippine Price List

Here are the latest and official prices of realme smartphones in the Philippines.

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realme Price List

Last update: March 4, 2021

realme X-Series

realme X50 Pro 5G

  • 12GB+256GB - Smart Signature Plan M for Php1,899 per month with a one-time cash-out of Php6,900

realme X3 SuperZoom

  • 12GB+256GB - Php22,990 (before Php24,990)

realme XT

  • 8GB+128GB - Php16,990

realme Number Series

realme 7 Pro

  • 8GB+128GB - Php17,990

realme 7

realme 7i

realme 6 Pro

  • 8GB+128GB - Php13,990 (before Php16,990)

realme 6

  • 8GB+128GB - Php10,990 (before Php13,990)
  • 4GB+128GB - Php8,990 (before Php11,990)

realme 6i

  • 4GB+128GB - Php9,990
  • 3GB+64GB - Php7,990

realme 5 Pro

  • 8GB+128GB - Php12,990 (before Php13,990)
  • 4GB+128GB - Php11,990

realme 5

  • 4GB+128GB - Php9,990
  • 3GB+64GB - Php7,990
  • 3GB+32GB - Php6,990 (Lazada Exclusive)

realme 5i

  • 3GB+64GB - Php6,990

realme 3 Pro

  • 6GB+128GB - Php12,990 (before Php14,990)
  • 4GB+64GB - Php10,990 (before Php10,990)

realme 3

  • 3GB+32GB - Php5,490-Php5,790 (before Php6,990)

realme Narzo Series

realme narzo 20

realme narzo 30A

  • 4GB+64GB - Php6,490 (Lazada Exclusive)

realme C-Series

realme C3

  • 3GB+32GB - Php5,990

realme C2 2020

  • 3GB+64GB - Php5,990 (before Php6,490)
  • 2GB+32GB - Php4,990 (before Php5,490)

realme C2

  • 2GB+16GB - Php4,990 (before Php5,490)

realme C15

  • 4GB+64GB - Php6,990
  • 3GB+64GB - Php6,490

realme C12

  • 3GB+32GB - Php5,990

realme C11

  • 2GB+32GB - Php4,990

realme C1

  • 2GB+16GB - Php4,790 (before Php5,990)

About realme

realme Philippines is the country’s number one smartphone brand as of Q3 2020. Officially entering the Philippine market in November 2018, the two-year-old brand was able to establish a strong presence in a highly competitive landscape by having a strong and wide network across the nation, solid partnerships with key players in various industries, and a customer-centric ethos across the different silos of its business.

The leading smartphone brand has so far launched four smartphone lines: the premier X-series, the midranger number series, and the bang-for-buck narzo and C-series lines. The brand is also working vigorously on growing its AIoT and smart device portfolios, broadening the realme experience to deliver a well-rounded ecosystem.

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