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realme Smartphones Philippine Price List

Here are the latest and official prices of realme smartphones in the Philippines.

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realme Price List

Last update: August 3, 2021

realme X-Series

realme X50 Pro 5G

  • 12GB+256GB - Smart Signature Plan M for Php1,899 per month with a one-time cash-out of Php6,900

realme X3 SuperZoom

  • 12GB+256GB - Php22,990 (before Php24,990)

realme XT

  • 8GB+128GB - Php16,990

realme Number Series

realme 8 Pro

  • 8GB+128GB - Php16,990

realme 8

realme 8 5G

realme 7 Pro

  • 8GB+128GB - Php17,990

realme 7

realme 7i

realme 6 Pro

  • 8GB+128GB - Php13,990 (before Php16,990)

realme 6

  • 8GB+128GB - Php10,990 (before Php13,990)
  • 4GB+128GB - Php8,990 (before Php11,990)

realme 6i

  • 4GB+128GB - Php9,990
  • 3GB+64GB - Php7,990

realme 5 Pro

  • 8GB+128GB - Php12,990 (before Php13,990)
  • 4GB+128GB - Php11,990

realme 5

  • 4GB+128GB - Php9,990
  • 3GB+64GB - Php7,990
  • 3GB+32GB - Php6,990 (Lazada Exclusive)

realme 5i

  • 3GB+64GB - Php6,990

realme 3 Pro

  • 6GB+128GB - Php12,990 (before Php14,990)
  • 4GB+64GB - Php10,990 (before Php10,990)

realme 3

  • 3GB+32GB - Php5,490-Php5,790 (before Php6,990)

realme Narzo Series

realme narzo 20

realme narzo 30A

  • 4GB+64GB - Php6,490 (Lazada Exclusive)

realme C-Series

realme C25s

  • 4GB+64GB - Php7,490
  • 4GB+128GB - Php8,490

realme C25

realme C21Y

  • 4GB+64GB - Php6,490
  • 3GB+32GB - Php5,990

realme C15

  • 4GB+64GB - Php6,990
  • 3GB+64GB - Php6,490

realme C12

  • 3GB+32GB - Php5,990

realme C11 2021

  • 2GB+32GB - Php4,590 (before Php4,990)

realme C11

  • 2GB+32GB - Php4,990

realme C3

  • 3GB+32GB - Php5,990

realme C2 2020

  • 3GB+64GB - Php5,990 (before Php6,490)
  • 2GB+32GB - Php4,990 (before Php5,490)

realme C2

  • 2GB+16GB - Php4,990 (before Php5,490)

realme C1

  • 2GB+16GB - Php4,790 (before Php5,990)

About realme

realme Philippines is the country’s number one smartphone brand as of Q1 2021 trusted by the Filipino youth. Since its entry in the Philippine market in November 2018, the three-year-old brand has managed to establish a strong presence in a highly competitive landscape. realme continues to maintain its leadership by having a strong and wide network across the nation, solid partnerships with key players in various industries, and a customer-centric ethos across different silos of its business.

Delivering innovative smartphone line-ups, including the introduction of the 108MP camera technology in its latest smartphone launch, realme is committed in providing the best digital lifestyle experience to every Filipino. On top of that, realme also continues to cater to the needs of its customers by providing high quality service, that includes expanding their online & offline presence for nationwide availability, deploying 16 service centers to support after sales services, and actively engaging with the realme squad community.

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