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Sun new FBforever10 promo: Unlimited Facebook fun, for one day, for only Php10!

Good News! Sun Cellular just announced on their Facebook page the NEW Sun FBforever10! For non-stop status updates, photo uploads & sharing. For UNLIMITED Facebook fun, for one day, for only Php10! Here's how to use Sun Cellular's new FBforever10 promo after the jump.

Here's how to use Sun Cellular's new FBforever10:

1. Configure your internet settings. Text ACTIVATE to 2300 for FREE.
2. Once activated, you may now convert your Sun Regular load by texting FB10 to 247.
3. Successful conversions will receive a confirmation message.

Make sure to use the correct handset settings. For assistance on handset settings:
  • Call the customer service hotline number: Dial 200 from your Sun mobile phone
  • Visit the Sun Cellular Website: www.suncellular.com.ph.
    • Choose the Customer Service tab
    • Select the Phone Configuration tab
    • Choose your handset model
    • Follow instructions
4. Go to m.facebook.com to start surfing! Opera Mini, Skyfire and Facebook Mobile Apps will be charged regular rates.

Source: Sun Cellular (Facebook)

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