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Google Music 4.0.1 for Ice Cream Sandwich leaked out for download

After posting a video of the leak Ice Cream Sandwich, we are now posting another leak from Android Police which happen to be the upcoming Google Music 4.0.1 which is an upgrade from the current 3.0.1 found in the Market today.

This is the story how Android Police got hold of the Google Music 4.0.1, their story begins with a person that go by the name of Geek Vundotra, and they work for Verizon. Geek is a Verizon engineer who happens to be carrying a very special phone a prototype of the Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus. A phone he happens to leave in a bar or something like that. Now, thanks to Geek's screw-up Android Police have some goodies for all of us that are sure to get us excited for what's to come.

We have here some images of the new interface of Google Music 4.0.1 plus the copy the of APK which you can download at the source below.

Source: Android Police

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