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Watch McLaren Automotive launched the new McLaren Production Center

McLaren Automotive has officially opened a new kind of industrial building - the McLaren Production Center. With almost £50 million reportedly invested in the facility that has a floor area of 20,000sqm., the McLaren MP4-12C is being produced here at full capacity and ship to 19 countries.

McLaren Automotive's managing director Antony Sheriff said:

"What makes the McLaren Production Center so special is that it's perhaps the first production facility that's been designed around the unique construction of the car, so we designed the car first and then we designed the Production Center to complement the way the car is put together. This guarantees that we have cars that are absolutely of the highest quality that we can deliver to our customers."

Inside the MPC:

MPC Facts:
  • The floorplan of the MPC is big enough to accommodate three jumbo jets – or 2496 Formula One cars. 
  • Excavated soil (180,000m3 of it) was all used on site for landscaping, cutting out 25,000 lorry movements. 
  • The design of the building was changed by Ron Dennis after he suggested adjusting the length and width to suit the floor tiles and grouting. This saved £50,000 in time and materials and took three weeks off the schedule.
  • The MPC’s frame is made up of 1500 tonnes of steel. Stacked on top of each other the steel columns would reach 895m nearly three times the height of the Eiffel Tower. 
  • The logistics floor will handle 50-60,000 components a day; every MP4-12C is made up of around 13,000 components. 
  • Each vehicle leaving the site during construction was given a high-pressure wheel and chassis wash to leave surrounding roads cleaner and safer. 
  • 820 new trees have been planted on the site, while 68 mature specimens were replanted before the bird-nesting season, as part of the landscaping to screen the MPC from view. 
  • Everything inside the MPC is designed to be no higher than 1.6m, so that from one point you can see almost the entire production process.
Sources: McLaren Group


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