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Coca-Cola's OFW Project video is a hit online

Coca-Cola’s new video entitled "Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project" now becomes a hit online and gathered more than 377,000 views on YouTube and has been the most widely shared and talked about video on Facebook and Twitter.

The OFW Project is the about three overseas Filipino workers, Joey Doble from Pampanga, Leonie Villanueva from Quezon City and Joe Marie Ballon from Iloilo City to go home to the Philippines to join their families for Christmas. The OFWs’ stories were documented from the time they got their respective emails from Coca-Cola, to the time they finally met their families in the Philippines.

If you happen to watch this video on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and read all the comments most claimed they were moved to tears and recommended others to watch video too.

Update: As of December 5 it has now gathered more than 700,000 views on YouTube.

Source: YouTube via TechnoBaboy


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