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How to change your WarCraft III (DotA) background, in-game UI and game music using Warcraft 3 Styler

Warcraft 3 Styler

Warcraft 3 Styler is small program created for customizing Warcraft 3 appearance and background music. It can switch between multiple animated Warcraft 3 backgrounds and User Interface themes from campaigns for different races. You can even add your custom in-game music playlist by using this program.

How to use Warcraft 3 Styler:
1. Download the War3Styler.rar (11MB) here
2. Extract the to any folder files using WinRAR.
    - For Windows 7 users, use “Run as administrator”
3. Now Run "Wc3styler.exe".
4. Select your desired 3D Background, In-game User Interface, Game Music and click "to all races" check-box.
5. Now start your Warcraft 3 to see the changes.

• Make sure, you close your Warcraft 3 and map editor before running this program.
• You can easily restore to the defaults setting used by the game using the check box in the top of each tab.

Source: dota-utilities

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