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Bamboo ADzero: The world's first bamboo smartphone

The world's first bamboo smartphone ADzero, is designed by 23-year-old Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. The ADzero is a unibody design smartphone crafted from a single piece of four year-old organic bamboo, and runs on Android.

"The whole experience so far has been incredible and completely unexpected," said Kieron-Scott. "Completing my final year and working has been challenging, but my course and the project complement each other well and it’s a great start of my career. I can’t wait to see my mobile phone in shops this year."

The Bamboo ADzero was originally set to be released in China only, but will now hit boutique stores in the UK as well. There are no details yet about the hardware of the phone or its availability or price.

Source: Pocket-lint


  1. wow.. nice.. very artistic mobile

  2. looks great! I wonder if it floats... would be nice if completely waterproof too... 

  3. followback ........


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