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Get a chance to win one of 150 Diablo III beta keys for free, here's how to join

Blizzard in partnership with Gosugamers.net is giving away a total of 150 Diablo III beta keys for 5 different contests. Show off your skills in writing, drawing, lore knowledge, or be just lucky enough as you might be the next beta tester in the Sanctuary! Here’s how to join the 5 different contests.

Contest #1: Diablo 3 artwork contest (25 Beta Keys)
  • Create an artwork that involves Diablo III! Whether it’s computer-generated art, pen-and-paper or a sculpture, that is up to you. You must be able to prove that the artwork is yours.
Contest #2: Short story contest (25 Beta Keys)
  • Write a short story that includes Diablo 3 of some sort. It does not have to be in the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary. It could might as well be set in 2012. Your creativity sets the limit.
  • Send in your short story together with your Battle.net account name and your full name to raistlin[@]gosugamers[.]net before March 4.
Contest #3: Social media (50 Beta Keys)
  • Share this newspost on your Facebook feed by heading over to the GosuGamers fan page. Find out the full details over there to join the contest. We will then pick 50 of you who shared the entry.
  • Head over to Gousugamer’s Facebook page and share the post before March 4. Be prepared to reply back with your Battle.net account name and full name so that you can claim your prize.
Contest #4: Quiz: Diablo 3 Lore (25 Beta Keys)
  • Take the Gosugamer’s Diablo 3 lore quiz:
  1. What is the actual name of the famed “Immortal King”?
  2. Which nephalem is the progenitor of the Sorceress coven?
  3. In which province of Sanctuary is Tristram, Leoric’s seat of power, located?
  4. To which order does Deckard Cain belong?
  5. Diablo III will acquaint the players with the archives of one of Horadrim’s founding members. What is his name?
  6. How is the banishment of the Greater Evils known as and who acts as leader of the Burning Hells after those events?
  7. What are the two aliases under which Duriel is known?
  8. The creature known as Trag’Oul is an unique entity of the Diablo universe. What form does it incarnate?
  9. What is the name of the first boss mob in Diablo I?
  10. What is the catch phrase of the cows in the cow level?
Contest #5: Diablo 3 meme contest (25 Beta Keys)
  • Create the funniest internet meme on the Diablo universe
Source: GosuGamers


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