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20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines: Now an online hit and a target of online hate

Jimmy Sieczka

20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines, a video directed by Michael Goodman and narrated by Jimmy Sieczka, an American who has been living in Cebu for more than three and a half years, is now an online hit on YouTube and other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Plus, Jimmy Sieczka is now becoming the next target of Filipino hate online.

The video which was originally uploaded in ChannelFix, shows Jimmy as he shares some of the reasons why he doesn't like the Philippines. Here are his reasons (actually its over 20):

  1. Using a garbage can (drum) to fix gigantic holes on the road.
  2. People are selling Cialis for erectile dysfunction, even to younger people.
  3. Sanitation and refrigeration is not observed.
  4. There are lots of terrorist in the Philippines and MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) is the name of the terrorist group in the Philippines.
  5. Construction does not look safe and everything in the Philippines is under construction.
  6. Obsession in looking as white as possible.
  7. Lots of traffic which create lot of filth and pollution.
  8. Pharmacies always sell things and place it on plastic with receipts stapled on it even if you are just buying a small gum. This adds more trash. Waste of time and resources.
  9. Here in the Philippines no body follows traffic laws.
  10. In the Philippines, toilet or bathroom are called comfort room or CR. The problem is it is not comfortable in there.
  11. No toilet paper, no toilet paper dispenser, no running water and no toilet sit.
  12. Comfort room looks like a heroin den.
  13. Security guards are everywhere in the Philippines.
  14. Pissing anywhere is a Filipino tradition and a favorite pastime.
  15. Body-searching done by security guards everywhere.
  16. Everyone is using horns to beep at no reason at all.
  17. There is a job for "tissue cutter".
  18. Beggars everywhere you go.
  19. You can't escape the cock, everyone has a chicken even in the city.
  20. Low-end base blasting all over. Music are too loud even at night.
  21. Lady-boys, prostitute and cockroaches everywhere.
  22. People expect you to give for tips.
  23. All hot girls in the Philippines is a lady-boy.
  24. Tons of fucking Koreans here who can't understand English.
  25. Motorcycles here are not motorcycles, they are glorified scooters.
  26. Beer is served warm.

In the end however, Jimmy said “The Philippines is a beautiful place at the end of the day. It’s filled with over 7000 islands, friendly people… the food isn’t so good, it’s a bit noisy, and it’s really dirty. So if you’re planning to stay for an extended period of time, be prepared to be pissed off”

Update: (03/15/12) The original video uploaded on YouTube was removed by the user.
Update: (03/16/12) The second and the third video we posted after the original was also removed due to copyright complaints by ChannelFix.

Does Jimmy Sieczka "20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines" tells the truth about the Philippines? What do you think?


  1. thanks visit me 

  2. these are soooooooooooo true and I agree with him. 

  3. nice artikel why not like Philippines / it is very nicecome again my blog thanks :)

  4. Cacao Organic FairtradeJuly 24, 2013 at 6:25 PM

    Unpleasant state. thanks for the visit and the article...


  5. Diligence is the
    mother of good fortune.

  6. I agree with him in some points but some of the things he hates also exist in other countries. There is no perfect country for godsake. Besides why is he in the Philippines for 3 years if he hates this country. 

  7. I am not Filipino and I want to whip this guys butt.... what a hemroid......FIRST....If you do not like it here....go the hell home .....You are guest here..... and nowhere in America would your boorish behavior be tolerated.....why should Filipinos tolerate your bad manners
    SECOND I have been here TEN years and I can think of 100 reasons why I love it here.. you sure are easily "pissed off".....half the things you complain about exist in America also..... 
    Do you see any of the millions of Filipinos in America making a film on the "20 things they hate about America"?.....NO.....Filipinos have more class than your ugly unshaven butt....BTW Why do you work so hard to grow on your face what grows natural on my butt and is better looking too.

  8. All the
    issues he pointed out /showed were TRUE, REAL LIFE Life in Cebu or in Phils as
    a whole. A lot of things he pointed out were TOO SHALLOW and mere stupidity to
    dislike the Philippines (Cock Crow, tissue, warm Beer, whitening lotion,
    security guard, BBQ stands,) and Disrespect personal preference, culture. He
    mentioned things that are unnecessary and the way he delivers the message is Just
    rude. It’s NOT AN EYE OPENER video, there are so many words that are DIRTY and
    inappropriate. Some PEOPLE and even FILIPINOS themselves thinks Its just the
    TRUTH BUT THERE is a BETTER WAY to say these things if HE WANTS a CHANGE,
    obviously this man is just insulting, very Unprofessional, probably a high
    school level in America and a trade worker full of Trasht in his mouth, almost
    every sentence has F and S words. If it had been made by and in the style of the CNN it might have been taken
    considerably, the video has a point but due this trashy jerk with all
    expletives words then people shall miss the points and focus on the
    objectionable manner instead.Foreigners have a choice not to go in the Philippines. But to INSULT, CRITICIZE
    and DISCRIMINATE a country is UNACCEPTABLE. For He's been 3.5 years in Phils,
    he’s aware already of the things the video he just made up. He could leave the
    Phils. in a month. Of the 20 reasons, only 4 valid issues and rest are VERY SHALLOW
    and personal preference, comparing a poor third world to a first world which
    some can be found in North America. Obviously, this kid is one of the lazy and
    poor know it all Americans. The video showed as much about the USA as it does about the Philippines.

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