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A man caught by Chinese Customs Officials for trying to smuggle 30 iPhone 4S strapped to his body

In Luohu District of Shenzhen, a man was caught by Chinese Customs officials for trying to pass through customs with 30 iPhone 4S strapped to his body. According to the Customs officials, they noticed something strange when the man couldn't bend down to pick up his suitcase.

Luohu Customs Official Wang Weixin said "Look at the shirt, six internal pockets were sewn into it with three iPhones stuffed into each, so 18 phones can be held inside. And if we look at this pair of shoes, a man hid stainless steel plates in his shoe soles, and stuffed four iPhones inside."

The reason? The iPhone 4S sells for $125 more on the mainland than it does in Hong Kong, so smugglers are trying to buy the phones in Hong Kong and selling it in the Mainland for a higher price.

Source: YouTube via LiveLeak

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