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ASUS RT-N10+ Black Diamond Wireless Router is now available here in the Philippines for Php1,990

ASUS just announced that the RT-N10+ Black Diamond wireless router, a new router option for consumers looking for a stylish and capable networking component is now available here in the Philippines for an SRP of Php1,990 at ASUS concept stores and authorized dealers. More about ASUS RT-N10+ Black Diamond features after the jump.

ASUS RT-N10+ Black Diamond Features:

- Extra network support for more diverse usability
Up to four wireless SSIDs can be saved at once on the RT-N10+ Black Diamond, with administrators able to allocate different access privileges and pre-set bandwidth quotas for each. Whether for hosting guests at home or visitors at an office environment, this allows users greater flexibility and security in managing more complex networking environments, as passwords no longer need to be shared and privacy remains better protected.

- Bringing access to so-called dead spots
With the RT-N10+ Black Diamond's universal repeater functionality, users can extend Wi-Fi coverage across larger areas in conjunction with their existing wireless networking hardware. This feature offers a stylish means to extending Wi-Fi beyond the range of a single router, and effectively eliminates no-reception areas in the home or office.
- Powerful transmission at all times
The 5dBi antenna transmits a strong and consistent signal that reaches further and overcomes obstacles with greater ease. Unlike weaker antennas, which suffer from a much shorter range, the RT-N10+ Black Diamond can easily sustain a connection to devices as far as 20m away.
- Plug-n-surf setup and hassle-free management
The exclusive ASUS QIS hardware interface allows network setup in less than two minutes and as few as five mouse clicks. Users do not need to peruse a complicated manual. Instead, once the RT-N10+ Black Diamond has been powered up and connected to the PC on which setup will occur, users need only open their browser of choice and the QIS install wizard will automatically start the quick setup process. ASUS QIS supports all major operating systems.

Source: ASUS

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