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Nokia 103: The most affordable Nokia phone to date

Nokia just launched the most affordable Nokia phone to date, the Nokia 103 for 16 euro (Php895). According to Nokia, the Nokia 103 is targeted for people looking for an affordable and practical phone that gives them the essential experiences needed to help them progress economically and socially, without compromising on design and quality.

The Nokia 103 features a sturdy, anti-scratch covers and dust resistance key mat, 1.36-inch black and white display, runs Series 30, built-in flashlight, 3.5mm headset jack, FM radio, speaking clock, MP3 grade ringtones, preloaded games and a 800mAh battery, which can keep it going for 27 days of standby and 11 hours of talk time. The handset will be available first in Nigeria, and will surely make its way to other developing markets.

Source: Nokia

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