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10 Great Programs Providing Computers to People in Need

By Phone TV Internet

As technology advances more rapidly than ever before, consumers are upgrading more frequently to keep pace and, consequently, their discarded equipment piles up. Enter some forward-thinking and generous organizations who have recognized the ecological impact and turned it into an opportunity to help some worthy causes. The following are ten great programs that provide computers to people in need:

  • Computers With Causes – Part of the faith-based, non-denominational, non-profit Works of Life Ministries, this program takes donated computer equipment and distributes it to families in need, while providing tax benefits to the donors.
  • DellReconnect – A partnership between Dell Computers and Goodwill Industries, it is a computer recycling program providing a place for people to take their old equipment and find it a new home, while providing jobs.
  • Recycles.org – A non-profit recycling and re-user network that works as a conduit between donors and those in need of their unused but still functional computers. Donors who volunteer their unused equipment are paired with parties who have specifically requested it.
  • Computer Recycling Center – A program of CRC Computer Repair Center™, they donate recycled computers to Computers & Education™ to be used in public charity or community programs. They offer free drop-offs, free pick-ups and free shipping (for laptops).
  • World Computer Exchange – WCE provides computers and technology to schools, universities, community centers and libraries in developing countries around the globe. Prior to shipping, computers are loaded with technology and curriculum for education in many important areas such as agriculture, health and education.
  • National Cristina Foundation – Provides technology including computer equipment to students at risk, economically disadvantaged or physically handicapped individuals. The non-profit organization serves all 50 states and Canada.
  • Computers for Charities – UK-based charity founded in 1994, has distributed over 250,000 computer systems to 105 countries and the UK. In addition to the IT donations, CFC also provides humanitarian aid and support. Charities include schools, prisons, churches, hospitals and orphanages.
  • Computers for Youth – CFY offers assistance and computer donations to low-income students and families. Their programs assist teachers, parents and students in maximizing the student’s learning experience.
  • InterConnection – The mission of InterConnection: a non-profit organization that helps charitable organizations worldwide achieve their missions by providing them refurbished desktop and laptop computers.
  • Salvation Army – Among its many other charitable programs, the Salvation Army accepts and distributes computer technology to needy persons worldwide. Clothing, furniture, financial gifts, automobiles, even airline miles are all optional means of donating to the Salvation Army.

There are more than these ten organizations helping out those with technological needs but without the ability to afford them. If you have an old laptop, desktop, or printer you are not using, why not donate it so it can be used by someone else?

Source: Phone TV Internet

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