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Best-in-Class Print Speeds to Busy Enterprise: Fuji Xerox Phaser 4600N

Fuji Xerox Co., announced the launch of its new Phaser monochrome laser printers – the Phaser 4600N. Designed to enable optimum productivity and efficiency for businesses and government departments, the Phaser 4600N printers are engineered to meet the demands of busy workgroups producing high volumes of documents. These products lead the way with lightning fast print speeds, an array of technologically advanced features and innovative printing options.

Mr. Lee Cheung, General Manager Fuji Xerox Printer Channel said, “Fuji Xerox appreciates that businesses are increasingly expanding their workloads to stay ahead in the global economy. The new Phaser 4600N is designed to provide busy workplaces with high-volume printing capabilities and extra fast printing speeds to enhance overall office efficiency.”

Leading the Way in Innovation

Fuji Xerox is committed to delivering world-class technology. Businesses will experience industry leading speeds, with these printers producing an incredible (Phaser 4600N) with a first page out time of 7.8 seconds.

With up to 1200 x 1200 enhanced image quality, the Phaser 4600N produces crisp, accurate documents with exceptional sharpness and clarity without compromising on speed. These printers offer superior results, while easily meeting the demands of even the most high-volume print duties, producing up to 275,000 prints per month.

The Phaser 4600N offers an exceptional 650-sheet standard paper capacity which can be expanded up to 3,750 pages with additional paper trays, ideal for enterprises needing extra capacity or room to grow as the organization expands. The new Phasers print on a variety of paper mediums, including transparencies, cardstock, envelopes and labels.

Further enhancing office productivity, the Phaser 4600DN features automatic duplexing (optional on Phaser 4600N) to reduce paper waste. It also has the option to automatically staple up to 50 sheets of paper, eliminating the need to manually collate documents. An optional four-bin mailbox enables individual users to print to a designated tray – avoiding documents getting misplaced in a large stack of printouts.

Keep Sensitive Documents Secure

Businesses are now managing more sensitive data than ever. The network-ready Phaser 4600N is designed to protect valuable information against security risks better than ever by implementing industry-leading security features. The built-in support for IPV6 and IPsec come standard in both models and the Image Overwrite technology actively erases unneeded data from the printer’s memory to safeguard documents.

Both models feature a Secure Print function which is ideal for temporarily holding confidential documents in a queue until the appropriate job owner enters a pin number at the control panel. Active documents are protected with advanced hard disk encryption to safeguard documents saved in the printer’s memory, preventing them from unauthorized access (hard drive optional).

Environmentally Sustainable

The Phaser 4600N incorporates the latest green conservation technology to reduce the environmental footprint of businesses. Both models boast ENERGY STAR® standards, reducing power consumption. Other environmentally friendly features include automatic double-sided printing (optional on Phaser 4600N) and N-up printing options, allowing businesses to group multiple pages to minimise paper consumption and automatic double-sided printing.

Another innovative feature of the Phaser 4600N is split consumables technology. Traditional laser printers house consumable cartridges and the drum within the same compartment, meaning both need to be changed at the same time regardless of how much life is left in each consumable. With split consumables technology, businesses are only required to replace toners as needed. The long-life drum is designed for longer life, meaning users require fewer consumables over the life of the printer.

FUJI Xerox is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph or +63-2688-3181.

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