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Ericsson invites Filipinos to participate in Historic Worldwide Photo Event

Leave a message for the future – take photos on May 15 and join the worldwide “A Day in the World” photography project.

Ericsson is the founding partner in the "A Day in the World" photography project, which aims to document moments from all parts of the world by professional and amateur photographers alike. The photographs will be collected online and later saved in the national archives of participating countries.

Together with Expressions of Humankind, a Sweden-based foundation who is behind the projct, Ericsson invites everyone on May 15, 2012, to take photographs to illustrate the energy of one single day.

This resulting gigantic photo collection will be given direction, structure and context, making it a relevant portrait of today, for tomorrow.

Ericsson, as a global enabler of modern telecommunications and a company founded on the belief that communications is a basic human need, is a founding partner and member of the project’s technical advisory board. Richard Brisius, head of Ericsson Global Marketing Communications, said: "People are closer to each other thanks to good quality, high-speed connectivity. This is a great project about global collaboration and learning, something we believe is central to humankind, now and in the future."

Aside from Ericsson as the founding partner for the project, the Expressions of Humankind foundation is supported by several boards and councils, with members including Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, entrepreneur and adventurer Sir Richard Branson, and Professor Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, president of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. Ericsson has a representative in the technical advisory council that supervises the technical structure, security, user interface and global accessibility of the platforms.

Take photos of your day at home, at work, or of your connections – visit the website at www.aday.org or at www.ericsson.com to learn more and to upload your photos on May 15.

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