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Genius Media Pointer 1000 now available in the Philippines for Php2,390

The secret of a killer presentation is being able to connect and engage with your audience. Now the latest presenter from Genius - Media Pointer 1000, can solve your problems and help you make a professional presentation.

The Media Pointer 1000 from Genius is a handy multi-function presenter designed so you can deliver an impactful presentation. It features a unique LCD screen so you can control your presentation time effectively with the built in vibration function.

It features 2.4GHz wireless technology, time management and media mode functions. It works within a 10-meter range and the anti-interference function lets you move around an auditorium with confidence while presenting. With Media Pointer, you will have good interaction with your audience instead of only staring at the monitor.

A built-in LCD timer with a beep alerts you when 30 seconds are left and when the time is up. With this helpful function, you can manage your time easily. In addition, the LCD also shows battery life. Media Pointer has presentation and media modes. "Laser Pointer", "Volume Up/Down", "Next/Previous Track", "Fast Backward/Forward", "Play/Pause", "Page Up/Down", "ESC", and "F5" are all in your hand to control.

Using a good tool is the beginning of success. Let Media Pointer bring you the convenience and efficiency for a great presentation.

Media Pointer 1000 retails at only Php2,390 and is locally distributed by MSI-ECS. For product inquiries, email marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph or call 632 688-3181.

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