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How to use Angry Birds Share & Play

Angry Birds Share & Play is the most interactive way of sharing Angry Birds with your friends. Not only can you share and embed a level directly onto a Facebook timeline, blog, or webpage, you can also play it there instantly - no questions, no installs, no hassle! Here’s how to use Angry Birds Share & Play after the jump.

How to use Angry Birds Share & Play:
Step 1
Once you have logged in to Facebook, just go to Angry Birds app on Facebook.
Step 2
Play Angry Birds on Facebook and get an amazing score – like three stars or a crown – that you want to share with your friends.

Step 3
Click “share” to post the level on your or your friend’s timeline.Your friends will see your amazing score as the one to beat!
Step 4
Click "embed" to generate HTML code and a link that you can use on your blog or website.
Step 5
Play the level instantly on the timeline, blog, or webpage. No app installs, just straight to the bird-flinging action.
Step 6
And that’s it! If you want to save your game or use power ups, then just click through for the full game.

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