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Iloilo: Beyond Your Expectations

Iloilo offers more than the USUAL holiday vacations in the Philippine Islands. It features a new refreshing wave of tourism ideals for any ages. As the new center of emerging investments, it still boasts as the center of Filipino culture and heritage recognized worldwide. More after the jump.

Iloilo is a province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Iloilo occupies the southeast portion of Panay Island and is bordered by Antique Province to the west and Capiz Province and the Jintotolo Channel to the north. Just off Iloilo's southeast coast is Guimaras Province, once part of Iloilo Province but now a province in its own right. Across the Panay Gulf and Guimaras Strait is Negros Occidental. Iloilo's capital is Iloilo City though the city itself is independent and not governed by the provincial government of Iloilo.

Source: YouTube, Wikipedia

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