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No gadget? No problem with Smart Bro FlexiSurf

Finding it difficult to own the hottest tablets and netbooks? Worry no further because now you can get your very own smart gadget for as little as P18 a day thanks to Smart Bro’s new FlexiSurf plans.

“FlexiSurf, as its name suggests, are broadband plans which gives our subscribers unparalleled flexibility.” said Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Lloyd Manaloto. “Starting at just P299 a month, there is a FlexiSurf plan just for you---whether you’re the type who just emails and checks on social media sites or the avid gamer that downloads and streams movies on the side,” he added.

But more than being Smart’s lightest-ever broadband plans, FlexiSurf allows subscribers to purchase great gadgets at amortized and discounted prices.

“FlexiSurfers”, can connect with their Facebook friends, watch YouTube videos, and download any of the hundreds of thousands of Android apps like Temple Run and Bejeweled on their very own 3G- and WiFi-enabled Cherry Superion Android tablet for only P541/month on top of the monthly service fee (MSF).

More demanding users, meanwhile, can opt for the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 tablet (P1,199/month*) which boasts of a fast 1.2GHz dual core processor and dual front and rear cameras—perfect for video chats and on-the-go online conferences.

There is also the Asus eeePad Slider, a 10-inch tablet-netbook hybrid which comes with a physical keyboard that slides out at a flick of a finger and runs on Android “Honeycomb” OS powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor. Anyone can have it for only P47 a day (P1,410/month*).

And finally, there are great netbooks such as the Neo Vivid and the Samsung N150 which bring 320GB of hard disk space, 2GB of RAM, and 1.6GHz of processing power for only P21 and P26 a day (P641/month* and P800/month*), respectively.

To further sweeten the deal, all FlexiSurf plans are protected by Smart’s Anti-Bill Shock feature.

This means that users who go beyond their plans’ allotted times can continue to enjoy high-speed Internet at only P10 for every 30 minutes. Once they reach approximately 80 hours of use, Anti-Bill Shock kicks in and turns on the unlimited surfing mode which allows continuous surfing without worry, capping the month’s bill to only P999.

“FlexiSurf brings together the best devices, on the best plans, with the best services,” said Manaloto. “This is a truly unique offering that only Smart can make available to the millions of Filipinos who would like to enjoy the many wonders of the mobile web,” he ended.

For more information on Flexisurf and to view the complete list of available device bundles, go to www.smart.com.ph/flexisurf or visit the Smart Store nearest you.

*on top of MSF for 24 months

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