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SMART Broadband subscribers can now get one free song from MyMusicStore!

Good news to all Smart Broadband subscribers, Smart Communications just announced on their Facebook page that the company's broadband subscribers can now get one free song from MyMusicStore, an online music portal in the Philippines. Here's how to get one free song from MyMusicStore after the jump.

MyMusicStore Philippines was recently launched with the backing of the country’s established record labels to give you Filipino music fans easy and affordable access to all your favorite songs from your favorite artists.

Here’s how to get one free song from MyMusicStore:
1. Go to www.mymusicstore.com.ph to register.
2. Indicate your SMART Broadband number in the registration page.
3. Upon successful registration, you will get an electronic coupon.
4. Get your e-coupons via:

  • MyMusicStore website
  • Your registered email
5. To claim your song, use the e-coupon. Choose the song, put it into your Cart, and click Proceed to Payment.
6. Check the Pay via Smart Bro Promo Code box and input your e-coupon code.
7. The e-coupon is valid for 1-time use only.

Source: Smart Communications

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