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ViewSonic introduces the VA2212-LED series displays in the Philippines

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communication solutions introduces VA2212-LED series (VA2212-LED, VA2212m-LED, VA2212ma-LED and VA2212a-LED) here in the Philippines. More details after the jump.

Incorporated an ergonomically accommodating 16:9 widescreen ratio supported by a LED backlit panel, the VA2212-LED series provides a professional viewing quality for both business users and home entertainment. ViewSonic also participates in the energy-saving revolution with its new-generation LED backlighting. Exclusive ECO Mode reduces cost and maintenance efforts for corporate users while constructing vivid images with sophisticated details and high color saturation. Along with a 10,000,000:1 ultrahigh dynamic contrast ratio, the VA2212-LED series automatically detects the brightness and darkness of input signals to adjust LED backlighting appropriately. The VA2212-LED series also has embedded sRGB color correction technology which brings a most splendid landscape and elevates the viewing experience to the highest possible quality. Stylish hidden button design at the bottom-right of the monitor completes this displays chic and convenient look.

Product Features:

Full HD 1080p for superlative pixel performance
The VA2212-LED series features a Full HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution for superlative pixel-by-pixel image performance. A 16:9 widescreen ratio minimizes eye fatigue even after hours of viewing and supports multi-window viewing without toggling.

Planet-friendly mercury-free LED backlighting
LED backlighting enhances display performance, delivers an outstanding color range, and adjusts contrast ratios for remarkably detailed images. The LED backlight further conserves up to 25% more energy when compared to conventional displays and allows a slimmer panel profile for a most pleasing entertainment experience.

ECO Mode conserves more energy
ViewSonic's proprietary ECO Mode function is built into all LED displays, offering options to "Optimize (75%)" or "Conserve (50%)". Both modes reduce display brightness and conserve up to 25% more energy. Especially in low, ambient light, ECO Mode adjusts brightness and improves visibility while reducing eye fatigue and prolonging display lamp lifetime. With ECO Mode, replacement expenditures are reduced while practicing eco-friendliness.

Reviving color with sRGB color correction technology
Accurate and consistent color performance is essential to professionals in graphic design, video editing, and other professional environments. With built-in sRGB color correction technology, the VA2212-LED series can reproduce 100% sRGB rich color performance and capture original and true image quality.

10,000,000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio
Dynamic contrast ratio detects the brightness of an image, and automatically adjusts the backlight to maximize the monitor's color range and contrast. Dynamic contrast ratio technology enables the accurate reproduction of images, producing vibrant and rich visual effects.

VESA wall mount compliant and Kensington security lock
Designed to be the most robust and easy applied options, the Kensington security lock and flexible VESA wall mount for the VA2212-LED series serves as functional options perfect for your office or home settings.

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