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Switchers to Smart now happier, more satisfied

Mobile phone subscribers who decided to move to Smart are now enjoying the benefits of switching to the Philippines’ number one network. More details after the jump.

After years of arguing with representatives of their former service provider, complaining over the hotline, and ranting on the Internet, switchers Mae Lopez and Karla Viray are now happier and more satisfied postpaid subscribers.

“With my previous network, I experienced being passed on to several other customer care reps—there was even a time when my call was forwarded to five other people!” said 30-year old Mae.

A practicing journalist from Taguig City, she is no stranger to going to great lengths to search for answers.

“Frustrated, I went to their business center but to my dismay, their guys there didn't know the answer to my questions either,” she said. ““This is no longer the case since I’ve joined Smart.”

Mae has never looked back since as her near decade-long allegiance finally came to an end late last year. “I use my phone for everything—taking notes, surfing, and yes, even writing articles,” she said.

Asked how she feels about her decision, Mae simply said, “I’m very satisfied because the connection speeds are definitely better.”

Karla Viray, an established marketing practitioner of one of the country’s top music and video retail chains feels the same way.

“I have encountered, really bad service from the other big network which I found really unacceptable especially in my line of work,” she said. “Bad connection, no 3G signal, and delayed BBMs and even text messages resulting in a lot of negotiations that were put in jeopardy,” she added.

Drawing from her experience, Viray knows that going out of one’s way just to meet the needs of customers is a must for any successful business.

“Be very mindful of customer complaints especially those concerning service,” she said. “Considering we customers pour our hard-earned money into buying your smartphones and paying our bills diligently for your service,” she said.

“We are very happy that more Filipinos are choosing Smart as they take flight to quality service,” said Smart Wireless Consumer Division Head Noel Lorenzana. “It proves that like our millions of satisfied customers, Smart is just the network for them.”

Having posted a 43% increase in postpaid users and a 1.7 million jump in prepaid users during the first quarter of this year, Lorenzana points out that Smart’s reliable network is still at the core of keeping its subscribers happy.

“If your subscribers have nothing to complain about, they will not keep begging you to live up to your word,” said Lorenzana.

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