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An 18-year old Taiwanese player dies after playing Diablo III in a 40-hour marathon!

Are you addicted in playing League of Legends (LoL), DotA and other addicting games? If Yes! Then read this! According to Australian Associated Press, an 18-year old Taiwanese player just died after playing Diablo III in a 40-hour marathon session. The player reportedly booked a room at his local Internet cafe before playing into the game, not stopping for sleep or food the entire time. Then he passed out on a table. More details after the jump.

He woke up when an employee of the cafe approached him, but collapsed after a few steps and was rushed to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. An autopsy is pending, but authorities noted that the long period of sitting still could have created blood clots, which proved fatal.

Source: Yahoo! News Philippines

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