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Be in the League of the Upwardly Mobile with Sun BlackBerry Social Plan 600

There are some things you cannot afford to miss – a great sale, a blockbuster film, an “it” boy band's live concert, and of course checking out your social network circuit! You just can't imagine life without your Facebook, your Twitter, and your precious BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) connections. Well, we all can’t! But maintaining your savvy social network butterfly status need not prompt you to ‘unlike’ the huge cost it takes. All you need is Sun BlackBerry Social Plan 600 and watch your status smoulder in the social network meter!

Sun BlackBerry Social Plan 600 is the perfect partner for your social networking life, only from Sun Cellular Postpaid. For as low as P600 a month, you get to enjoy the hottest subscriber privileges and exclusive BlackBerry services – no limits – on your FREE BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone!

Say WOW to these irresistible bundled offers: unlimited Facebook, unlimited Twitter, unlimited BBM, unlimited access to BlackBerry Browser, PLUS unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts.

With your Sun BlackBerry Social Plan 600, you are just a click away from friends and family anywhere they are, as you are constantly on and available via your BlackBerry smartphone powered by Sun.

Post, repost, like, poke if you want, upload all your beautiful photos and videos, and tag to your heart’s content on your Facebook account. Tweet, retweet, and follow anyone and everyone on Twitter. Deliver in seconds the newest and freshest buzz to all BlackBerry-wielding subjects, regardless which network they are using and wherever they are in the world! Multiply your BBM contacts by swapping PINs or scanning barcodes, or create a group with your closest BBM friends. Swap pictures, videos, voice notes, and more! With around 77 million users worldwide, owning a BlackBerry will surely set you among the trendiest and hottest.

Imagine all these social networking freedom and flexibility – for only P600 monthly postpaid subscription rate from Sun Cellular. Unbeatable! It simply has the better value and the best bundle of phone and services available.

Surely, the Sun BlackBerry Social Plan 600 is the only postpaid plan you need to scorch in the league of the upwardly mobile class at a value that’s way below the cost others pay to maintain theirs.

For those heavy on Internet browsing, downloads, uploads and the like, also available is the Sun BlackBerry Data Plan 600 with free BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone that is bundled with unlimited BlackBerry Internet service plus unlimited mobile Internet plus free 200 Sun texts.

Scale up your social networking life several notches higher and your subscriber status meters hotter. Grab the Sun BlackBerry Social Plan 600 today!

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