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Enjoy the lowest IDD rates with Sun Cellular’s new Sun IDD Postpaid Plans

If you’re currently tied to a postpaid plan that charges twice as much for IDD calls and international messages, now is the time to get a line that offers the lowest IDD rates, giving you better value for your money.

With Sun Cellular’s new Sun IDD Postpaid Plans, calling or texting your loved ones abroad is as easy and affordable as getting connected locally. It’s the best postpaid plan that gives you access to the rest of the world while keeping you connected to your contacts in the Philippines.

“The Sun IDD Postpaid Plan is a very practical choice to get because subscribers are guaranteed the best rates for international calls and texts to 26 countries worldwide” says Michele Curran, Sun Cellular’s Vice President for Corporate Marketing and International Services. The Sun IDD Postpaid Plan covers countries in Asia, Europe, Northern America, and Middle East.

Curran also shares, “The Sun IDD Postpaid Plan is ideal for subscribers with families abroad, so they can stay connected no matter how far their loved ones are, without having to worry about expensive monthly bills. It is also ideal for businessmen and entrepreneurs who have business partners abroad or who want to grow their business globally in the most cost efficient way”. For as low as P2, subscribers can call or send text to countries such as US (Main), Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. No special dialing or prefixes needed to access the lowest international call and text rates from Sun Cellular.

Sun’s affordable IDD rates offer savings by as much as 60 percent compared to regular charges offered by other networks. For instance, a call to South Korea or Australia usually runs at P13 per minute while the rate with Sun IDD Postpaid Plan is at P5 per minute only. That gives Sun subscribers longer talk time and more meaningful conversations at less charge.

With Sun IDD Postpaid Plan, subscribers can also do their favorite online activities for free. “With the increasing number of subscribers who also want to access internet on their mobile phones, we are giving our subscribers the ultimate mobile experience by giving free mobile internet per month with Sun IDD Postpaid Plan.” Curran adds.

Subscribers can choose among the available plans, depending on their lifestyle – Plan 600, Plan 1699 and Plan 2499.

Sun IDD Plan 600 includes up to 60 IDD minutes or 60 international texts, 120 minutes Sun calls, 150 Sun texts, FREE 150 texts to other networks, and 30 minutes of mobile Internet for only P600 per month. It comes with a FREE Android handset such as Samsung Galaxy Pocket, LG Optimus Me, and Alcatel Glory X918N.

At Sun IDD Plan 1699, subscribers can get up to 120 IDD minutes or 120 international texts, 250 minutes of Sun calls, 250 Sun texts, FREE 250 texts to other networks, and 60 minutes of mobile internet for a monthly service fee of P999. Moreover, for just a monthly cash-out of P700, subscribers can get a Samsung Galaxy S III or a Samsung Galaxy Note when they avail of Plan 1699 from July 13 to September 13, 2012.

To get the Samsung Galaxy S III or Samsung Galaxy Note for FREE, subscribers can also opt to avail of Sun IDD Plan 2499 which includes up to 300 IDD minutes or 300 international texts, unlimited Sun calls and texts, free 250 texts to other networks, and FREE 70 hours of mobile internet. It also offers other handsets under the Sun Elite Plan series line-up.

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