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How to fix Domain Name Server (DNS) Settings manually?

As network configurations depend on local policies and infrastructure, it’s impossible for us to guess or recommend setting specific to your policies. However, as a recommendation for those impacted by such an attack, McAfee recommends notifying your network administrator (or network provider) who may assist you in resolving your issue and that of others in your network who may have been impacted. Here's how to fix Domain Name Server (DNS) Settings manually after the jump.

Most organizations have a managed network capable of providing DNS Setting via a DHCP. If you are connected to a corporate network or ISP who may allow Automatic DNS Settings, please use the following steps to reset your configuration.

Step 1
Backup your network settings.

Use the registry editor to take a backup of the registry information under:


Step 2
Run ncpa.cpl from the by clicking (Start + R) as follows (It will open the Network Connections window):

Step 3
Hit “OK”. This will bring up “Network connections”. Right-click in your active network connection. That may be Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection depending on whether you’re using a cabled or wireless network. Select Properties.

Step 4
Select “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically

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