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Rock Out in Style with New Walkman Models from Sony

New look and powerful features enable awesome sound when you’re out and about

Music fans everywhere will enjoy the stunning combination of looks and sound in the latest Walkman digital media players by Sony – the NWZ-E470, E470K, E570, and S770BT. Offering a range of colours and sound enhancement features for these four new models, Sony is bringing amazing sound quality to sleek, attractive designs to bring out your individuality. More details after the jump.

WALKMAN NWZ-E470, 470K and E570 – Awesome Looks, Amazing Sound
Designed for music lovers by music lovers, the NWZ-E470, NWZ-E470K and NWZ-E570 are all about matching vibrant style with excellent sound quality. The slimmest Walkman range ever, the new models are only 7.0mm slim and come in a variety of eye-catching colors.

For those who love great sound uninterrupted by the outside world, the NWZ-E570 is not only equipped with built-in digital noise cancelling technology; it also includes a pair of high-quality noise cancelling headphones. The proprietary noise-cancelling technology from Sony eliminates up to 98 per cent of background noise, giving listeners a more relaxing listening experience whether walking down a noisy street, standing in a crowded subway, or catching a flight.

The NWZ-E470, NWZ-E470K and NWZ-E570 are loaded with features that pump out truly breath-taking sound. This includes four different Clear Audio Technologies, VPT, and Dynamic Normaliser by Sony, while up to 36 hours of music and six hours of video playback, easy drag and drop file transfer function and two free pre-installed games (‘Puyo Pop Fever’and ‘NUMBER PLACE’) make these models must-haves for anyone seeking stylish performance and fun in a single device.

WALKMAN NWZ-S770BT – Wireless Audio for Urbanites
High performance Bluetooth headphones come bundled with the NWZ-S770BT to provide a seamless listening experience without wires. With intuitive playback, remote wireless controls and the capability to stream music to a variety of compatible devices up to 10 metres away, the NWZ-S770BT gives people the tangle-free convenience to move about.

Sound quality on the Walkman is equally impressive, thanks to the four Clear Audio Technologies: DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) from Sony ensures crystal clear reproduction of high frequency sounds and Clear Stereo and Clear Bass work in tandem to create a stereo image and tight, distortion-free bass faithful to the original source, complemented perfectly by high performance EX Headphones. Equalisers, Dynamic Normaliser and VPT (Virtualphones Technology) from Sony enhance the experience even further for a truly phenomenal wireless portable audio experience.

The NWZ-S770BT boasts significant battery life, with up to 36 hours of music playback on a single charge. The Media Go application by Sony makes it easy to drag and drop all types of files from Windows Explorer or iTunes to your

Complete On-The-Go functionality
All four new devices put the ‘fun’ in ‘functionality’ with widescreens for enhanced interaction with your device. SensMe Channel automatically categorises music tracks into different channels so you can conveniently listen to music that matches your mood. Meanwhile Karaoke Mode, Synchronised Lyric, Voice Recording and Language Learning features let users have tons of fun wherever they are.

“As portable digital devices evolve into fashion statements, Sony is leading the way in delivering products that music lovers around the world can use to express themselves in increasingly personal ways,” said Sydney Lee, General Manager, Personal Entertainment Division, Consumer Business Group, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “Whether users are looking for an outstanding wireless experience, crystal clear noise-free audio, or bold colourful designs, the NWZ-E470, NWZ-E470K, E570, and S770BT offer just the blend of performance and style they are looking for.”

The NWZ-E470, NWZ-E470K, NWZ-E570, and S770BT Walkman will be in Asia Pacific at all Sony stores and authorized outlets from August 2012.

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