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BlackBerry Curve 9320 now FREE at Sun Cellular's BlackBerry Plan 999!

Now is the time to upgrade your BlackBerry Plan, turn your smartphone into an instant hotspot and enjoy fast, uninterrupted connection with your friends. This is possible with the new BlackBerry Curve 9320, the much-raved about BlackBerry smartphone from the Curve family. Sun Cellular offers this high-power device together with a host of unlimited services including mobile internet under the BlackBerry Plan 999. If you’ve been wanting to have a plan as good as this, the wait is over and is well worth it!

With internet speed and messaging fanatics in mind, Sun Cellular introduced the complete BlackBerry package in the market that already comes with all these unlimited services one needs in a BlackBerry postpaid plan: unlimited social networking, push e-mail, BBM, instant messaging, BlackBerry browsing, mobile internet, Sun calls, and Sun texts! To top it off, a subscriber doesn’t have to pay a cent for the handset as the BlackBerry Curve 9320 comes free with the plan under a 30-month contract.

Speed strongly defines today’s on-the-go lifestyle and BlackBerry, as we’ve always come to expect from the brand, never disappoints when it comes to delivering brilliant mobile performance. Its Curve 9320 smartphone runs on the latest BlackBerry OS 7.1 and comes with preloaded applications and tools.

One main draw of this phone is you can actually turn it into a hotspot and share Wi-Fi connection with five of your friends. However, one needs unlimited mobile internet to enjoy this feature, something you don’t need to worry about because it’s already included in the plan. View video clips on YouTube, send and receive emails, browse through online magazines, book hotels - now delivered faster and more efficient with the Sun-powered BlackBerry Curve 9320.

Meanwhile, Sun Cellular subscribers who love using BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) to quickly communicate with their contacts will be with a new, dedicated BBM key on the Curve 9320 that brings the power of the popular mobile social network up in an instant. In addition, BBM is also integrated into Facebook, Twitter and other applications and games for a more enjoyable experience. Whatever you’re doing at the moment, share it instantly with your online community of friends and BBM users.

Experience life on the fast lane and boost your mobile experience with the new BlackBerry Curve 9320. Visit the nearest The Sun Shop now and apply for a BlackBerry Plan 999. To inquire, you may also call the Sun Hotline 200 using a Sun-powered handset or (02) 395-8000 from any landline phone.

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