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Caught On Tape: Motorist mauls, bullies & slapped MMDA Enforcer goes viral!

This happened on August 11, 2012. TV5 news crew chanced upon and videotaped a motorist identified as Robert "Blair" Carabuena, a resourcing supervisor at Philip Morris International mauling, bulling and slapping an on-duty MMDA traffic enforcer named Saturnino Fabros at Capitol Hills Drive corner Tandang Sora in Quezon City on Saturday. The short, 27-second clip which shows Carabuena mauling Fabros before finally slapping him in the face is now a viral hit online! Watch the CAUGHT ON TAPE - Motorist mauls MMDA enforcer after the jump.

According to the MMDA, the enforcer signaled the driver, Robert "Blair" Carabuena from Philip Morris Philippines to stop to prevent the intersection from being blocked. Carabuena went on and did the inevitable, blocked the intersection. The MMDA enforcer flagged down Carabuena's vehicle to confront him. Carabuena disembarked from his vehicle and went berserk. Carabuena hit the enforcer with the thing that he is holding and later on, slapped the enforcer. MMDA Legal will be filing a case of Direct Assault on August 15, 2012 against Carabuena.

CAUGHT ON TAPE - Motorist mauls MMDA enforcer

T3 - Motorist mauls MMDA Enforcer

Source: Interaksyon, Gene Rator (YouTube)

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