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MMDA and Lenovo heighten awareness for traffic application on smartphone

Atty. Yves Gonzalez of the MMDA is joined by members of Open Communications, Inc. Left to right: Nestor Remata, National Sales Director, John Rojo, Business Unit Head and Patricia Paredes, Marketing Manager

Open Communications, the exclusive distributor of Lenovo Mobile, has featured the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Traffic Navigator application in its latest viral video. The short clip is used to highlight the functionality of both Lenovo mobile devices and the navigation app via the Android-based smartphones.

Uploaded via YouTube, the video feature marks a pivotal milestone in the ever expanding Filipino smartphone market. Because it provides users with readily available transit information in the palms of their hands, the MMDA app is practically essential to all smartphone motorists in the Metro. More sophisticated than having only GPS functionality – it presents real-time traffic updates and allows users to view road accidents that may affect their travel times. Additionally, the app will suggest alternative routes to avoid congested/blocked off roads, and even allow users to share traffic information via Twitter.

The video featuring the MMDA app presents just one way on how a Lenovo phone can help consumers get an edge in life. Moreover, a Lenovo phone can help make day to day tasks happen better, faster, and ultimately, more efficiently.

John Rojo, Business Unit Head for Open Communications, said, “All of the exceptional features of the MMDA application won’t amount to much without a mobile device that will allow a greater majority of the population to own it. With the affordable yet powerful functionality and quality brand of Lenovo, we are committed to give an edge to the lives of the Filipino motorist.”

With more smartphones like Lenovo Mobile in the hands of Filipinos, more motorists shall continue to benefit from traffic management via the app. Atty. Yves Gonzalez, Director III and OIC of the Traffic Discipline Office for MMDA said, “The application is only relevant when information is given in real time. MMDA is committed to delivering accurate and up-to-the-minute updates to motorists.”

Founded in 2002, Lenovo Mobile offers cellular devices that accentuate three primary ideologies: independent research, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Through these principles, Lenovo provides users with chic, user-friendly, and high-quality mobile phones.

The MMDA has many functions throughout the Metro Manila area, with transport and traffic management being one of their primary responsibilities. By using technology to improve public service, the organization strives to create new and innovative transit infrastructures that will improve traffic flow and road safety.

Lenovo Mobile and MMDA working together means that people can get an edge on road congestion, allowing them to embark on their endeavors safely, efficiently, and intelligently. As one of the road signs of the MMDA suggests, “makakarating din tayo.”

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