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SMEs reach new heights with Cergus SME C-Solutions and the Avaya ERS 3500 Series

In response to SMEs’ misconception that technology is too complex and too expensive for their benefit, Cergus has recently developed solutions that uniquely fit their business needs. These solutions, SME C-Connect, C-Collaborate, C-Protect, C-Presence and C-Care, enable SMEs to improve efficiency, save costs and enhance productivity.

Cergus, a ComNet company, further links small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) with technologies as they introduce the Avaya Networking Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 3500 Series. This allows businesses to have much needed synergy between people and gain secure access to important data and information.

Avaya ERS 3500 is suitable for businesses looking for a reliable, but cost-effective switch to provide converged services within single or multiple sites. It is a series of high-performance compact Ethernet switches specifically designed for SMEs, branches, and open environments outside of the wiring closet.

According to Miercom’s Lab Testing Report, the Avaya Networking has one of the best return-on-investments (ROI) in its category.

SMEs do not require an entire team of IT to implement this solution as it is very quick and easy to install, manage, and operate. In addition, Avaya ERS 3500 can also scale up with the expansion of SMEs through its stackable chassis architecture, which allows new switches to be added with ease. It gives SMEs energy efficiency that helps them lower electricity costs and is convergence-ready for integration with future technologies like unified communications and video solutions.

With these benefits offered by Avaya ERS 3500 series, SMEs are expected to increase profitability, streamline business operations, lower costs and gain competitive advantage. Through this, SMEs can now have the fit to purpose infrastructure capabilities that combine performance with compelling economics.

Now, SMEs can keep up with the changing terms of the game and reach new heights.

To inquire about how Cergus together with Avaya Networking can help your business build networks that are always on, provide up to seven times more resiliency, and give up to 40% more energy efficiency and scalability, email us at marketing@comnet.com.ph.

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