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The Future is SUNnier with Sun Cellular’s own series of micro-SIMs

The advent of the tablet is a techie’s pipe dream come true; never have we had such a combination of functionality and form combined in one package. As such, tablets like the very popular iPad are usually associated with luxury, prompting them to become status symbols among tech enthusiasts.

What’s nice about most tablets, especially the latest ones, is that you get the power of a laptop without the hassle of carrying one around. And while laptops are already portable in their own right, tablets take that portability to a whole new playground. Now add in thousand of apps, user-friendliness, Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities into the mix, and you have a gadget that blows your old laptop out of the water.

However, for you to make the most out of the connectivity that tablets allow you, you will need to have a SIM card compatible for those tablets. That’s the thing – recent tablets, and presumably the future ones, require smaller SIM cards, aptly named micro-SIMs.

Having your own micro-SIM card can be as easy as having your regular cards manually trimmed to fit into micro-SIM slots. However, there will always be inherent dangers in doing so as there is a strong chance of your SIM card accidentally breaking in two.

For those of you that really do not want to risk it, Sun Cellular has you (and that tablet that you worked so hard for) covered. Sun Cellular’s own series of micro-SIMs now allows you to enjoy the company’s popular unlimited services on a slew of newer, more powerful gadgets, including your new tablet.

But what’s the big deal with the micro-SIM, anyway? A smaller card gives cell phone and tablet manufacturers more room to play around with in their products, allowing them to incorporate more features. And in today’s technology, the space that the larger SIM occupies can otherwise be used for a plethora of more advanced, more powerful toys.

If you wish to get a MicroSIM, you simply need to go to the Sun Shop and have your Sun Broadband SIM replaced for a minimal fee. What small amount a SIM replacement costs will absolutely eliminate the risk of having your old SIM card accidentally split in half.

While we’re at it, you should know that the Sun Cellular micro-SIM is available for both postpaid and prepaid, allowing you to use the Sun Cellular service that works best for you.

For those of you who prefer prepaid, getting the Sun Broadband prepaid micro-SIM comes with an initial 5 hours of internet. Afterwards, you can further enjoy high-speed mobile internet on your tablet with Sun Cellular’s SBW 250 prepaid card, which gives you unlimited internet for 7 days.

Hardcore techies who usually have more than one gadget can get the Sun Broadband Multi-SIM Plan 699, enabling them to simultaneously utilize the power of their gadgets without the hassle of paying multiple bills. The Sun Broadband Multi-Plan 699 gives them a shared 130 hours of mobile internet for one month, shared between 2 separate SIMs.

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