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Acer K130 Travel LED projector offers easy and brilliant projection!

It’s light, it’s easy to use and more importantly, promises brilliant projection wherever and whenever you need it. And that’s what Acer’s new projector, the Acer K130, is all about. It’s because the Acer K130 Travel LED projector offers practically everything you look for in a projector. With a palm-sized form factor designed for easy mobility and portability, the Acer K130 is perhaps the last projector you’ll ever need.

Quality-wise, the Acer K130 Travel LED projector boasts of a bright, 300-lumen LED lamp that delivers HD-quality projection and enhanced color saturation, plus many other benefits. Over the years, LED lamps for projectors have become the new norm. For one, the small lamp size offers true flexibility, longer life span for reduced costs, instant on/off, high durability since there are no breakable filaments or tubes and totally environment friendly since there are no hazardous mercury or dangerous halogen gases.

Its DynamicBlack technology is responsible for improving color performance of the Acer K130 Travel LED projector with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. More importantly, the high brightness and contrast ratio helps project crystal clear and vibrant images even from a long distance.

In this new age of modern projection technology, the Acer K130 Travel LED projector also has HDMI connectivity, which delivers crisp, high definition-ready projection regardless of time of day. This is a perfect setup regardless of area of projection—classroom, conference room, office cubicle or even the home living room. The quality remains the same.

But what bakes the cake, however, is the Acer K130 Travel LED projector’s proprietary Acer EquiView technology. People in this age of fast-paced lifestyle revolution will surely find the Acer K130 Travel LED projector a surely handy device.

It provides the user with efficient and convenient wireless projection, especially when presenting using any Acer smartphone or tablet. During sales meetings with the staff, or probably even in the classroom or when with the family for the regular weekend movie marathon, the Acer K130 Travel LED projector provides the absolutely perfect wireless projection experience.

With the Acer K130 Travel LED projector, media files and other Microsoft Office based-documents will open with the Acer K130 Travel LED projector through the USB drive, the microSD Card or even the 2GB internal memory.

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