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Level 10 M Computer Mouse: Designed by BMW, revolutionizes the world of gaming!

Together with Thermaltake, renowned provider for electronic gaming accessories and based in Taiwan, BMW Group´s think tank of creative specialists, DesignworksUSA, has developed a high-end computer mouse called Pro-Gaming Computer Mouse Level 10 M specifically for tech pros like Schäfer and all those dedicated amateurs hoping to match their wits against the lightning-fast best. You need a speedy mouse for this.

This piece of technology, resembling a tiny racecar, has about as much to with those grey plastic shells scooting over mouse pads like a family van does with a high performance supercar. Niko von Saurma, the director of the Munich studioof DesignworksUSA, takes up one of the three prototypes and handles it with the care afforded a rare artifact. And that is what this sleek concoction, outfitted for the rigors of professional computer sports, is set to become.  Anyone who's ever tried their hand at a computer game knows that Level 10 is reserved for the very, very good. Someone like the pro-gamer "White Ra", who shared his first-hand experience during the developing process. Level 10 M has the potential to become a "game changer", says Tony Liu. For the director of T t esports, the gaming division of Thermaltake, "the mouse is an extension of the player´s soul". It is no less than the conduit into the game. Just like a basketball shoe, a golf club or a cockpit, a professional´s mouse needs to be customized to meet the competition needs of tech's best athletes.

The features of the Level 10 M Mouse:

  • 3D Steering Axis Movement: The Mouse is divided into lower and top part which seems to float over the base. This part which is also the essential steering element of the mouse can be adjusted in regards to height and angle. The 3D dimensional character of the mouse provides for new and highly sufficient axis movements in various directions and makes the mouse fit as many gamers' preferences as possible.
  • Solid Aluminum base: Commonly used in the aerospace industry and in architecture, this material is characterized by its high resistance to corrosion. It ensures that the user's Level 10 experience is durable and resilient to mouse-gliding movement.
  • Air-Through Ventilation System: Additionally the Mouse is fitted with exquisite texture - a perforated surface which provides for a better air and temperature exchange as a means of passive ventilation, solving issues due to heavy use and direct touch of gaming equipment and the rise of temperatures of the hand.
  • Intelligent Software Application: The Level 10 M Mouse is a programmable gaming mouse capable of using the most comprehensive software application to customize settings based on user's needs. The Mouse has 2 regular keys on top and 5 additional keys at the side. Each key is programmable by software application by a single press with the finger. The so called "Z" key is especially designed for 5 different commands. There is a total of 11 programmable command keys on Level 10 M Mouse while the "Z" key offers another function: During the gaming mode this key can switch between up to 5 gaming profiles. In addition, the polling rate and the 7 lighting-effect colors of the Mouse are also customizable. The Level 10 M Mouse is equipped with 8200 DPI, adjustable from 800, 1600, 3200 to 5000 (default setting), and customizable by software application up to 8200 DPI. The Function-Lock Mechanism also serves to avoid accidental error command by locking side keys during gaming mode.

Level 10 Mouse in the market.
As of August 27th, 2012, the mouse will be available at most major retailer stores and online stores in the US, in Europe and Asia. The Level 10 M Mouse will also be displayed at Tt eSports' website at www.ttesports.com.

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