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LG’s 3D Full HD Smart TV: What 3D does to us?

LG 3D Full HD Smart TV
"it’s not only HD but also a Smart TV"

It’s already a month ago when I went to SM City Iloilo with a very good friend and it was my first time staring at a 3D flat television screen spectacles-less! It’s on 3D and, again, without the glasses! How awesome is that? I know, I sound like I’ve been living under Patrick starfish’s stone slab/house for the last months, but you guys can’t blame me, it’s interesting! –though not to total amazement, I guess it’s buried under my unconsciousness that technology is absolutely fast-paced and placing non-toxic and harmless chips under our skins is not new anymore nor pizza-producing vending machines.

What does 3D stuff do to you? Well, for one, it brings a person right in the very environment of the film he or she is watching, many will agree that it’s much exciting and thrilling when the movie is on action, better yet, thrilled with a horror movie. For role-playing gamers it’s fantastically awesome getting the same effect! 3-dimensional view mode on films, games and wherever it is used on can always make someone have much heightened enjoyment even though it can cause strain and a slight headache –but that’s just because the eyes work harder than it does when watching 2D. Medically there’s been no serious injury reported yet that is caused by watching on 3D mode.

Anyway, the point is 3Ds are cool. Although I can’t buy something like the one I saw in SM City –no need for glasses just the right viewing position and it’s all 3D mode– that can be viewed without the glasses, I have to settle for glass-ful 3D TV. Searching the discounted deals on Lazada Philippines site, I saw on their 3D TV list LG’s 3D HD Smart TV tagged with a good discount. Delving to more reviews about the awesome HD TV I found out from Andrew Tarantola of Gizmodo.com that the device is only weighs 70 lbs so it’s easy to unbox and setup. And because it’s not only HD but also a Smart TV, access to Wi-Fi and amazing streaming of online services is no-sweat.

Key Features:
• Comfortable 3D Glasses
• Flicker-Free 3D
• Cinema Screen Design
• 3D Depth Control
• 3D Sound Zooming
• 3D World
• 2D to 3D Conversion
• Dual Play
• FPR 3D Panel
• 1920 x 1080 Resolution

Note: This article was provided and sponsored by Lazada Philippines.

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