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Sun Business kicks off “Sun on Wheels” caravan, unveils services for SMEs

Sun Business, in cooperation with PLDT SME Nation and Smart Communications, kicked-off the first leg of the “Sun on Wheels” caravan in Cebu this 2012. Participated by hundreds of SME owners and business heads from Cebu, the event formally launched the strategic partnership of Sun Business, PLDT SME Nation and Smart Communications in creating business innovations and helping boost the country’s SME industry.

With different showcases of the latest innovations and wireless solutions for SMEs, the event aimed to highlight the significance of communications technology in the operations and cost-efficiency measures of small businesses.

Among these featured solutions is the Message Cast Service of Sun Business. This is a special text facility that allows enterprises to communicate their latest products and promotions to multiple customer recipients in just a single send. Featuring a user-friendly interface, this application also gives SMEs an easy way to maintain a list of customer contacts.

The event also showcased the Track & Trace Solution, a specialized enterprise service for real-time asset and personnel monitoring. This enables SME owners to track the location of goods and field personnel. Given these functions, the Track & Trace Solution is oriented to help enterprises improve operational productivity and employee compliance.

Entrepreneurs were also presented a solution for customer service called the Mobile Ticketing Solution.  This gives SMEs an efficient and effective way to track and resolve customer after-sales concerns via SMS.

And even more basic than these specialized solutions, the Sun on Wheels Caravan also unveiled the different value-for-money connectivity solutions which are highly essential for every business.

For 2G connectivity, Sun Business featured the Sun Fixed Load Plan – a cost-efficient mobile subscription primarily designed for employee and field personnel use. Through this service, SME owners get a good control of mobile communication costs by paying only a fixed amount for a monthly load allowance.

Meanwhile, for 3G and data connectivity, Sun on Wheels also presented the Office WIFI service. This gives enterprises a shared high-speed internet connection that’s flexible for mobile and for office use.

For this first leg of the Sun on Wheels Caravan and for its succeeding runs, SME owners can also expect to interact with key industry players and gain more knowledge in the field through the networking opportunities and business development activities of the program.

For more information on the Sun on Wheels Caravan and on the different SME solutions of Sun Business, log-on to www.sunbusiness.com.ph, call the hotline at 395-8PRO (776) or visit any branch of The Sun Shop near you.

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