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Epson Receipt Printer and Projector Win Prestigious Japanese 2012 Good Design Awards

Epson today announced that two of its products had been recognized in the Japanese 2012 Good Design Awards. The Epson TM-T88V-i receipt printer and EB-485Wi projector were commended for their contributions to lifestyle enriching design.

Epson TM-T88V-i receipt printer

This compact receipt printer contains built-in POS terminal functions, and can be easily incorporated into small POS systems. This product, which was created with an eye to retailers using a cloud-based system, allows web printing and direct control of touch panels, barcode scanners, etc.

Judges’ comments: Displays and barcode scanners are important elements of POS systems in addition to the terminals and the printers. It's essential for such products to be easy to use from the standpoint of both the retailer and the systems integrator, and must fit into retail environments of all types. We highly evaluate the way in which this product fulfills such requirements with a utilitarian, universal shape that efficiently combines two blocks into a single unit. Despite the difficulty in dealing with the two-block resin components, the product achieves a high level of design that includes attention to detail and a feeling of high precision.

Epson EB-485Wi projector

This wall-mounted short-throw projector is designed for educational institutions, and contains annotation tools that enable it to be used as an electronic blackboard. With this projector there are few shadows, even when people stand close to the screen, and there is reduced risk of users accidentally looking into the light source.

Judges’ comments: This is a wall-mounted short-throw projector with an unobstructed user interface and an easy-to-use feel. The large 60-inch projected image suggests that this product could be used in a variety of ways including cookery classes and workshops. By adding a waterproof function, we think it could even be used outdoors for commercial purposes or digital signage. We highly evaluate how this product contains a wide variety of functions in a friendly, self-contained design.

Based on its state-of-the-art technologies, Epson's aim is to design products that will improve both the lifestyles and work processes of its customers. Going forward, Epson will continue to refine its technologies and designs as it seeks to create and design products that exceed the expectations of its customers.

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