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Get your quick internet fix daily with Sun Cellular’s iLoad 15

For each of us, there is something within the internet that keeps us coming back for more. It may be the latest viral video on Youtube, your friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter, or the rather dark corners of the internet where some wacky, weird, or borderline creepy stuff goes down. To each his own.

But whatever our purpose on the internet is, we just have to have that quick internet fix satisfied every single day, even for a short while. However, there are parts of the country where internet cafes are few and far in between, and most of us do not have the chance to go find one just to watch Gangnam Style just one last time.

Sun Cellular aims to fix that with iLoad 15, the newest and most affordable way of scratching that internet itch.

iLoad 15 gives you one hour to traverse the immense landscape of the cyber world using your internet-ready handset for a measly P15. Yes, not just Facebook, not just Yahoo, but the whole shebang. What’s nice is that iLoad 15 is valid for one whole day, and you can use your allotted one hour of internet in quicker, shorter increments.

Compare it to the standard rates of internet cafes, which usually amount to P15-P20 without even considering the hassle it takes to get there in the first place, iLoad 15 is obviously the only good choice.

Imagine browsing the internet at the comforts of your own, well, comfort room. Yep, that’s the life.

Quick! This promo lasts until November 30, 2012 only! To subscribe, text i15 to 247 using your Sun Cellular-powered phone.

iLoads come in 25, 50, 100, 250, 999 peso variants. For more information on iLoad 15 and the other iLoads variants, text ILOADS to 2300. For the rest of Sun Cellular’s best-value offerings, check for updates by logging on to their official Facebook page: facebook.com/suncellularph or on Twitter: twitter.com/suncelltweets.

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