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Globe Business breaks ground on new data center facility

Globe Business recently announced the expansion of its facilities with a formal groundbreaking ceremony to provide its ever-increasing number of enterprise clients with Tier-grade data center services. This major expansion of Globe Business' flagship MK2 data center adheres to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) 942 Tier III standards. The new building adds 1,408-sq. m. floor space providing additional capacity to serve new and existing data center customers and part of the Globe Business core network.

The design and implementation of network infrastructure ensure maximum availability, security and redundancy, enabling a high level of data center service available in the Philippines. Its tier-grade facilities, proximity and availability of commercial services make it a preferred location of customers, which can easily expand or upgrade their subscription with sufficient connectivity to serve scalable bandwidth requirements.

According to Globe Business, the purposely-built building is designed with fully-redundant N+1 configuration, giving customers peace of mind since their data is housed within a stable, resilient and redundant environment. Back-up systems are ready to ensure continuous availability. In addition, the Globe Data Center provides 24/7 security for the entire structure which is centrally and automatically monitored, particularly the electromechanical equipment and auxiliary systems, to ensure a stable operating environment. Separate areas are built for common racks, caged areas and high-density equipment based on customer requirements. It is equipped with a separate generator set and uninterrupted power supply-battery room. Precision Air Handling Units or PAHUs provide proper internal cooling systems.

Globe Head of Business Products and Services Cocoy Claravall said that the company's existing data center has been the premier data facility in the country. "Customers prefer us over competition. It is our responsibility to make sure they will have best-in-class facilities so we continue to upgrade our service. Looking at it from a worldwide perspective, the trend has been going up for IT as well as data center services. We want to make sure that locally, our customers have access to the best data center facility available in the Philippines and ready for global standard certification, thus this major expansion."

Head of Globe Business Jesus Romero confirmed the company's prominence in the data center space, saying that "we are already the largest data center provider, with four of at least 300 sq. m. each in Makati, Quezon City and Cebu and two others in Manila and Mandaluyong, effectively cementing our leadership with this expansion project. Not to mention the ongoing construction of a new one in Cavite and an expansion for our Makati data center in the works. Once completed, the undisputed leadership position of Globe Business is thereby further strengthened, and with a firm foothold in the industry. No other data center has the breadth, depth and scale of this structure and magnitude."

He said that the establishment of the new data center will help continue to propel the company's momentum. "We've been the pioneer in this business since more than 11 years ago when we started offering data services. Being the premier data center for the Philippines, we now have a sizeable number of enterprise and service-provider customers."

"This expansion only signifies that we are getting a lot more customers and their trust. With the current trend of enterprises moving their data center facilities toward managed services, I think it is really a good sign that companies are finding a lot of value in it," he said.

With regard to industry norms, Romero said that "the company strictly adheres to international industry-established TIA 942 Tier III standards, meaning everything is redundant. Tier IV is the highest and the next logical succeeding level after."

Expressing his confidence, Claravall said that "this is just the start of the many similar endeavors lined-up as we are also re-designing and expanding our Cebu data center. This will help Globe Business maintain its leadership in data storage service."

Company officials confirmed the target completion of whole infrastructure by Jan. 2013. It is earmarked to be of the same stature as the other Globe Business data centers which have the distinction of having three global industry certifications: ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System, ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Management System and BS 25999:2007 for Business Continuity Management System.

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