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Join Sun Cellular and BlackBerry’s Fun in the Sun video contest and win an all-expense paid international trip with your friends!

Love your Sun-powered BlackBerry to the fullest? Make it official in a video, upload it on <www.sunblackberry.com.ph>, and if your video gets picked, you and your friends might just be on the next flight to Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand! More details after the jump.

As a pre-Christmas treat, Sun Cellular has partnered with BlackBerry to launch a make-your-own-video contest dubbed “Fun in the Sun” encouraging the public to come up with the most original, fun and creative music video sharing what they like about their Sun-powered BlackBerry smartphones and why they have more fun under the Sun. The three best videos will be awarded all-expense paid trips for four. Grand prize is a Singapore trip with Universal Studios tour; 2nd prize is a Hong Kong trip with Disneyland tour; 3rd prize is a Bangkok, Thailand trip.

The contest is in line with Sun Cellular and BlackBerry’s recently released “We Can Do Anything” music video featuring young band Never the Strangers and the network’s endorser Maja Salvador. The music video is a visual nod to the popularity of Sun BlackBerry postpaid plans in the country that combine affordability and functionality in one complete package.

Some of the popular plans offered are Sun BlackBerry Plan 999 with free BlackBerry Curve 9320 or BlackBerry Curve 9380 along with a string of unlimited services – Sun calls and texts, social networking, push e-mail, BBM, instant messaging, BlackBerry browsing and mobile Internet; and Sun BlackBerry Social Plan 600 which includes a free BlackBerry Curve 9220 perfect for unlimited Sun calls and texts, unlimited BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), unlimited Facebook, unlimited Twitter and unlimited BlackBerry browsing.

To join Sun Cellular and BlackBerry’s Fun in the Sun video contest, simply take out your video cams and create a spin-off of the official music video making sure to creatively incorporate all Sun BlackBerry features such as unlimited Sun calls and texts, BBM, mobile Internet and social networking. For more information, visit <www.sunblackberry.com.ph>. Meanwhile, Sun BlackBerry video booths are also set up in selected areas where participants can make an on-the-spot video entry.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: 10% number of Likes and Shares on <www,sunblackberry.com.ph>, 40% adherence to the Sun and BlackBerry mandatories and 50% creativity.

Last day of submission of video entries is on November 30, 2012 at 11:59 PM.Winners will be announced on December 10, 2012.

So gather your friends, take out your video cameras and get your passports ready because you might just be on the next flight to Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand!

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