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Make the good choice with Sun Super Value SIM!

Many mobile phone users are so focused on getting the coolest handsets they often miss the one important thing that actually make these phones run – a network provider. Subscribe to other network providers and you may end up paying a lot more than you intend.

A good network provider offers more value for less, provides more options to its subscribers, has reliable connection and wider coverage that extends outside of your area. Sun Cellular is all these and more which explains the rapidly growing Sun community and thousands of mobile phone users who are subscribing to the network every day.

With its better service options, expanded network coverage powered by PLDT, affordable products, reliable connection and efficient customer service, Sun Cellular is without a doubt a good network choice. Moreover, its pioneering “unlimited” services have made day-to-day communication within everyone’s reach.

Get more for what you spend with Sun Cellular’s array of mobile products and services. Don’t know where to start? Its Sun Super Value SIM is a popular prepaid product which is highly recommended for first-time subscribers. As the name suggests, the products packs more value than any other SIM packet in the market with unlimited Sun calls and texts plus 200 texts to other networks valid for two days for only P59.

Because Sun Cellular has wider network coverage and millions of users, you can fully maximize the product’s unlimited offering and extended validity period of two days. Enjoy non-stop conversations with friends, family, classmates and colleagues all day and night. Call business partners and employees without having to count the minutes or rush the conversation. You can connect, too, with non-Sun Cellular contacts through text messages at no extra charge. Grow your network of contacts all for just P59. Truly, it is a SIM with super value.

To experience Sun Cellular’s great value ever day, load the super affordable Call and Text Unlimited 25 Max. The product brings together the best of both worlds in one single load by adding the most number of texts to other networks. For only P25 a day, enjoy 100 free texts to your non-Sun contacts on top of the unlimited Sun calls and texts. To load, text CTU25 to 247.

Make the good choice today; get Sun Super Value SIM in any of the Sun retailers nationwide. For more information, call Sun Hotline 200 using a Sun-powered phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline. Visit Facebook page, follow @suncelldeals on Twitter.

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  1. wife and i are planning to switch to sun soon... it's great to have a network like sun cellular.. :) cheers! RonSilvoza.com


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