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Sun Business Renews Ties With Vmobile Technologies

Sun Business x Vmobile Technologies

Sun Business, the corporate arm of Sun Cellular recently renewed its partnership with business marketing firm, VMobile Technologies, Inc. VMobile Technologies operates the first Universal Prepaid Loading System in the country through its LoadXtreme service. This service enables its members to access hundreds of prepaid products that include Sun Cellular and Smart prepaid loads, online gaming, and cable television loads, using only one SIM and without the need for huge inventory.

“As there is an increasing demand for Sun Cellular’s prepaid loads, this partnership with VMobile will not only fulfill our goal of providing Sun Cellular’s best-value services to a wider range of subscribers, but give VMobile members more business opportunities as well,” said Michele Curran, Vice-President for Sun Business Marketing.

The partnership grants VMobile Technologies two key Sun Business services; Message Cast, a service which allows businesses to broadcast information over a large number of customers via SMS in one send, and XpressLoad Pro, which helps expand businesses by allowing them to sell Sun Cellular Prepaid load through their existing sales channels such as POS systems, vending machines, banking channels and websites. Sun Business has also provided VMobile with a web portal wherein VMobile representatives can readily check load transactions.

Present during the contract signing between Sun Cellular and VMobile are (top, from left) Sun Business Senior Manager Ruth Ritumalta, Sun Cellular  Senior Manager for Corporate  Solutions Ronell Jiao, VMobile CFO Norman Pe, Sun Cellular Business Solutions Manager Marlon Alberto, (bottom, from left) Vice President for  Sun Business Marketing Michele Curran, Sun Cellular Vice President for Retail Management and Corporate Sales Faraday Go, VMobile Chairman.

For more information on  how Xpressload Pro, Message Cast, and other solutions can help your business, log-on to the Sun Business website at www.sunbusiness.com.ph or call its 24/7 hotline at (02) 395-8PRO (8776).

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