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The Making of the Nokia Asha Touch Range

Nokia Asha 309

‘Asha’ means ‘hope’ in Hindi. It can also mean ‘aspiration’. The name reflects the spirit of consumers: the world around them is changing and they view the everyday as a new, exciting opportunity -- an opportunity to express themselves, share experiences, and connect with the people and things that are most important to them.

“At Nokia, we give ourselves the challenge to connect the next billion to the internet,” says Dharmesh Goshalia, Nokia Philippines general manager. “As part of this ambition, we design devices for consumers who want a better experience of the mobile Internet and we also have in mind the people experiencing the web for the very first time. With Asha we are opening up the digital world to everyone, no matter what their circumstances.”

The Asha Touch range was born when Nokia realized just how much the word “social” takes on a new meaning in countries that are growing rapidly. They want new ways to stay connected to the people and networks that matter to them, and their choice of phone should be an extension of how much they value staying in touch and expressing themselves.

“The Asha range is special because, although the phones can be used by anyone, the range was designed with a younger, urban audience in mind,” says Goshalia. “These people are extremely social and always on-the-go. We understand that there’s social currency in having an eye-catching device, and they want the best for their money.”

Not only is the Asha range affordable, it also offers consumers the smartphone experience without racking up huge data costs. The phones feature the Nokia Xpress Browser, which offers up to 90% data compression, allowing Asha users to experience the power of the Internet at a fraction of the cost of other devices.”

Nokia Asha 305

The Asha range also has 40 free pre-loaded EA games and Nokia Mapswhich can be used offline, helping save on data costs. The Nokia Asha 305, our Dual-SIM Easy Swap variant, also boasts an external “hotswap” port, where users can easily swap their secondary SIM, meaning they can take advantage of the best call and data plans.

All the features you see on the Asha range are what you would expect to see on a higher-end phone. The sleek body design is accented with quality details, such as the chrome-look band and camera bezel. When you hold the phone in your hand, what stands out is the pure design and the quality feel of the device. The navigation on the Touch range is effortless; just a simple and natural ‘swipe’ to unlock, and the user can swiftly flip through the phone’s features.

Nokia Asha 311

Each phone has a different personality which is reflected in its individual design features. The compactly designed Asha 311 with its curved edges and smooth surfaces is perfect for a style-aware generation passionate about fashion, accessories and socializing.

The rich metallics and contrasting bold curves and crisp edges of the Asha 305, Asha 306 and the new Asha 309 smartphone reflect the lifestyle, individuality and status of the bold, expressive and energetic consumer. The Asha family even comes in a variety of vibrant, stylish colors harmonized with the phone’s user interface.

Nokia Asha 306

In the likelihood that consumers will go for hours without having a way to recharge their phone, the Asha smartphones provide long-lasting battery. The polarized screen means consumers living in the sunniest countries, like the Philippines, can use it without glare and the scratch-resistant glass ensures it can tackle the everyday rigors of busy life.

As a result, the Asha phones have received the highest net promoter scores (NPS), which means consumers would recommend them to their friends and family. Not only that, they were often surprised that a phone range this affordable could do so much for them.

Check out the Asha range at a Nokia Store near you.  For product information go to www.nokia.com.ph.

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