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Caught On Tape: RUDE Passenger Humiliate a Lady Guard at the Santolan LRT Station video goes viral!

Remember Robert "Blair" Carabuena, the one who mauls, bullies & slapped MMDA Enforcer named Saturnino Fabros? Then, here's another viral video this time from Gregory Paulo Llamoso, a Bayan Patroller that shows a LRT passenger humiliate a lady guard at the Santolan LRT Station. Here's what Gregory Paulo Llamoso said after the jump.

"I was about to leave Santolan LRT Station kanina, but a loud voice caught my attention and all the people present there, ang lakas ng boses niya even she was small..Buti nalang the Lady Guard exhibited the right behavior. She did not fight back and she just kept cool and said her sorry. She didn’t even utter foul words against the bully passenger. I dont know the side of the story but some Bystander told me na sinita siya ng Lady Guard kasi mali ang pinasukan niyang way but the passengers behavior surprised me, sobrang degrading naman yung ginawa niya sa Lady Guard her arrogance and misplaced sense is aliving proof that being a true woman requires more than just privileged education and breeding parang siya ang walang pinag-aralan in that case sayang hindi ko alam school niya., pinuntahan ko nalang yung Head ng security and suggested na dalhin sa office yung babaeng nagwawala hindi in public, nagkaroon tuloy ng Scandal dun na really an unacceptable behavior...I don't care how this incident started, nobody has the right to treat another person--especially one who's merely performing a low-paying job just to put food on the table--this way."

As of this posting the viral video now has 727 likes and 1,783 shares.

(11/13/12) According to the people who commented on the said video, the name of the lady is "Paula Jamie Salvosa."

(11/14/12) The Twitter hashtag #AMALAYER just become a trending topic nationwide due to the outrage caused by the "rude passenger” against the "Lady Guard" at the Santolan LRT Station.

Source: Gregory Paulo Llamoso (Facebook) via Warlito Japos (YouTube)

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