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Frugal All-New Ford Focus (2.0L Focus Titanium+) Achieves 19.89 km/L in Fuel Economy Run!

In a fuel economy run observed by the Department of Energy (DOE), the all-new Ford Focus
covered 945 kilometers on a single tank of fuel

The all-new Ford Focus has proven itself a leader in fuel economy in the Philippines after traveling more than 900 kilometres on a single tank of fuel – with the 2.0L Focus Titanium+ averaging an exceptional 19.89 Km/L over the entire journey between Manila and Pangasinan City. The all-new Ford Focus was recently put to the test to demonstrate Ford’s commitment to delivering class-leading fuel economy in every vehicle segment in which the company competes – and once again, the company delivered.

Ford Philippines tested the all-new Focus with two Ford participants in each vehicle - a driver and navigator – with representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE) present to witness and verify the results.

The vehicles were examined prior to the drive, with lift gate and fuel lid checked and officially sealed. Vehicles were also set to normal driving conditions, wherein windows were closed at all times and the air-conditioner was set and secured at speed “1” for the entire duration of the drive.

The run was performed at average speeds between 60-80kph depending on traffic conditions, with the results clearly demonstrating the Focus’ superior fuel efficiency.

In addition to the 2.0L Focus Titanium+, the 1.6L Ford Focus Trend sedan achieved an average fuel consumption of 19.07 km/L.

“The all-new Focus proved that it is indeed a class-leader for fuel efficiency, confirming expectations with some very impressive results,” says Prudz Castillo, AVP for marketing, Ford Group Philippines.

The all-new Focus features a completely new Duratec 2.0L Ti-VCT GDi engine that combines high-pressure gasoline direct injection (GDi) and twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) for enhanced performance and fuel efficiency.

Delivering 170PS of power and 202Nm of torque, the engine boasts almost 20 percent more power than the previous 2.0L Focus, while delivering a significant improvement in fuel economy.

This 2.0L four-cylinder engine is mated with the latest six-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission. A high-efficiency dual dry-clutch design, this advanced transmission is also offered with SelectShift Automatic™ functionality, allowing drivers to manually control gear selection.

Focus’ second powertrain comes in the form of a 1.6L Duratec Ti-VCT engine that serves up 125PS of power and 159Nm of torque at outstanding fuel efficiency. This engine can be matched to either the six-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission.

The all-new Focus is equipped with an Active Grille Shutter system – which uses vents to automatically control airflow through the grille to the cooling system and engine – to significantly reduce drag and help reduce Focus wind noise at speed while contributing to improved fuel efficiency.

Focus also comes with EcoMode, a handy software application aimed at helping coach customers in the art of eco-driving – and then rewards those that practice more fuel-efficient driving skills with in-car kudos displayed on the instrument cluster.

In the coming week, Ford Philippines will host a second fuel efficiency test run with members of the Philippine media which will challenge participants to try and beat these already impressive numbers.

Summary of the Drive:
Route: City and highway driving (Balintawak-NLEX-SCTEX-Subic-Clark-Tarlac-Pangasinan)
A/C: Speed 1, turned on for the entire drive with knob sealed
Fuel tank lid: Sealed shut
Tire pressure: Front tires = 34 PSI, Rear tires = 34 PSI
Passenger Load: 2 persons

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