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HP Omni and Pavilion 23 All-in-One desktops computers: Unleasing the joys of being a family!

Home computers have redefined the ways that families spend time together, with each member doing solitary tasks on their own PC units. HP, the world’s largest technology company, adds a fresh dimension to this trend with its new All-in-One desktop computers: the HP Omni 120-1209L, HP Omni 120-2048L, and HP Pavilion 23-1005d. Catering to the preferences of each family member, HP’s lineup of desktop computers offer a platform where they can bond and have fun together.

One for all, All-in-One<

Every family member can do more with their HP Omni. The 20-inch high definition screen and Intel HD graphics offer stunning crystal-clear graphics and performance. Its unique design eliminates the need for a separate display monitor and tower.

Large families can take advantage of its numerous connectivity options, from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, to reach relatives and colleagues through chat or internet calls aided by peripherals such as its integrated webcam. Moms and dads can keep the family’s schedule and their budget organized in spreadsheets, and children can do their homework with the help of information obtained online. All these features are in a space-saving package that’s also fit for the more budget-conscious.

The HP Pavilion 23 takes the performance of the HP Omni to greater heights. Equipped with the latest processors by Intel, the Pavilion 23 allows families to enjoy playing their favorite video games, from simple exercise games to the latest action-packed titles with detailed environments and complex gameplay.Its superior capabilities also allow parents and their kids to work on sophisticated projects such as photo editing and 3D model design with modeling software. It is also pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit) and Microsoft Office Starter 2010, allowing for that right balance of work and play.

Discover the joys of family bonding on the cutting-edge and welcome the newest member of your family- the HP Omni and Pavilion 23 All-in-One desktops.

HP Omni and Pavilion 23 All-in-One desktops computers Price and Availability
Priced at the best rates, the HP 120-1209L, 120-2048L and Pavilion 23-1005d are now available at all HP stores and authorized resellers nationwide.

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