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Introducing the new Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick for only P995!

Introducing the new Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick that lets you access the hippest tunes and download chart toppers from your favorite artists every month for free! The product of an exciting partnership between the hottest broadband provider in town Sun Broadband and global record label MCA Universal. More about the Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick after the jump.

Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick is a Sun-powered broadband modem which comes with 20 songs from MCA’s “Hottest Hits… Ever!” album PLUS lets you download 10 songs of your choice per month for FREE! It is sure to hit the right notes as it comes with a massive catalogue of songs by famous artists such as Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, No Doubt and more.

Do you dig hiphop or is jazz more your thing? Are you hooked on the latest dance tunes or are pop rock songs in your repeat playlist? With Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick, you are sure to find the newest titles across music genres, listen to your favorite artists, and download them from Sun Broadband’s “Downloads Hub” at no cost. Aside from getting music from a legitimate source, you are also sure that fresh content by various artists is added regularly to your growing library of music.

It just doesn’t stop there! With Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick, subscribers can expect more exciting surprises and deals in the future, such as exclusive web content! Consistent, fast and reliable, Sun Broadband allows you to discover a thousand and one ways to do the many things you love.

So get your Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick at any The Sun Shop today and register by simply logging in at www.sunbroadband.ph/downloads using your SIM number.

A definite must-have for music enthusiasts, Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick is available in Prepaid kit which already comes with 5 days of unlimited internet for only P995 and Postpaid for as low as P250 per month.

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