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More Prints, More Gifts With Canon PIXMA!

Canon PIXMA, the No. 1 inkjet printer brand in the Philippines for 2011, recently launched its holiday promo where buyers of Canon printers and inks will receive free Axis Studio watches and Franklin Covey pens along with a three-year warranty for the printer. From October 15, 2012 until January 31, 2013, Canon PIXMA buyers will enjoy promo privileges in three ways. More details after the jump.

First, a purchase of PIXMA iP2770 and two ink cartridges will entitle the buyer to the warranty, watch, and pen. Second, purchase of four inks from this selection: PG810, CL811, PG40, CL41, PG830, CL831, PG740, CL741, PG88, and CL98 in any combination will give buyers the gift set. Third, buyers of any of the following printers: E500, E510, MP497, MG3170, MG5370, MG6270, MG8170, MG8270, MX366, MX377, MX437, MX416, MX426, E600, MX517, MX886, MX897, iX6560, Pro9000 Mark II, Pro9500 Mark II, iP3680, iP4970, iP100, MP287, Pro1, Pro100, and Pro10 and one ink will get the warranty, and the gift set. For a printer-and-ink combination, the ink must correspond to the printer purchased.

“Each year, we want to contribute to the generous holiday spirit by giving consumers top-notch gifts that complement our flagship products,” Bong Serevo, VP and Division Head for Consumer Systems Products of Canon Marketing Philippines explained. “Along with experiencing quality prints from Canon printers and inks, consumers will be able to take home useful items that will surely impress.”

To avail of the promo, users must provide the following: a photocopy of the receipt or sales invoice of the printer or ink purchase dated within the promo period, the ink box with the Canon Marketing Philippines clear-to-cyan sticker, the serial number box cutout of the printer with the CMP clear-to-cyan sticker, and the user’s details—name, contact number, and address. Inks and printers do not need to be purchased on the same day or from the same store as long as both purchases are within the promo period.

Redemption period is from November 1, 2012 to March 30, 2013.

“This promo also serves an extra token of appreciation for our valued customers who have supported Canon PIXMA throughout the year,” Serevo added. Canon PIXMA thus calls all parties to take on this festive holiday opportunity. For more information about the promo, log on to www.canon.com.ph/pixma.

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